Salomon Finkelstein always liked to go to school. Until the Germans came and his home town of Lodz in what was then occupied Poland. At the time he was 17 years old and it was shortly before graduation. When the Nazis kidnapped him and his family and to the Auschwitz concentration camp brought, his life took an abrupt turn. From now on, the students had to fight for his Survival, to a degree, not to. Today, the 96-Year-old lives in Hanover, and still regrets that he can never make the Abitur because the Nazis did it, he told the “Hannoversche Allgemeine Zeitung”.

honor-baccalaureate certificate for a 96-Year-old

That should change now, nearly 74 years after his liberation from Auschwitz. Because the Albert-Einstein-school in Laatzen, has decided to Finkelstein, an honorary baccalaureate zeignis issue. Without notes, but with the proper stamp and, above all, with signatures of numerous grateful students.

The 96-Year-old had visited in the past few years, schools in Hanover, to tell of his time in the concentration camp of people who died of starvation, and children were sentenced to death.

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The stories have moved the children to the schools. So also the idea of the Holocaust came from the Survivors to give a belated high school diploma, from a tenth-graders. The injustice, which had to learn Finkelstein, one cannot make undone, but a sign could be placed, nevertheless, said a history teacher at the Albert-Einstein-school in the “HAZ”. “Our school has a lot to thank him,” he adds.

“You can lose everything in life – just not what you have in mind”

the graduation ceremony also mayor Jürgen Köhne will be present, together with several hundred students. The 96-year-old high school graduate self can’t appear for him but will keep his daughter a speech. In it, she wants to remind everybody of the fact that even today, in many Parts of the world, not every child has access to education.

The recognition for Solomon Finkelstein, although late, has enjoyed this all the more. “You can lose everything in life – just not what you have in your head,” he said of the “HAZ”.

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sources : “Hannoversche Allgemeine Zeitung”


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