Go Daimler (Mercedes) and BMW working together?


    Car The German autoconcerns Daimler and BMW are considering allegedly to join forces on the field of auto parts. That reports news agency Bloomberg, on the basis of insiders. The parent company of Mercedes-Benz rival BMW will not respond.

    An area of possible cooperation between the two makers of luxury cars would be the car industry can considerably shake up. It would be Daimler and BMW, in any case, a defensible position in respect of, for example, fellow countryman, Volkswagen AG (the group which also includes Audi and Porsche). That last party is itself already a while in conversation with the American Ford about possible collaborations.

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    By technological developments such as the emergence of electric and autonomous driving, is it for parties in the sector becoming more attractive to partnerships. According to experts, this is together the only way to provide a counterweight to techreuzen as Google mother Alphabet. The tech will find themselves increasingly in the automotive sector.


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