woman Langos, how did you come to sea?

I grew up in the state of Hesse. In the summer holidays, I sailed with my parents on the Mediterranean, the Baltic or the North sea. Regatta my Hobby is sailing today.

Aida Cruises

Nicole Langos since March 2018 captain on the “Aida Sol”.

How did you become a captain?

I studied Maritime transport in Leer, Ostfriesland,. The engineering degree is very broad, it includes, among other things, shipbuilding, law, business, medicine, and personnel management. During my practical semester I was on ships for eight months at the container on-the-go. After graduating, I worked as a nautical officer and Deputy captain for Aida.

what prejudices they have faced as an Intern?

The captain of a container ship, said to me, quite frankly, he don’t like women to go to sea. And an Asian Crew initially thought that I could not deal with technology. But I can quickly convince you to the contrary. In seafaring learning problems directly.

What excites you about working on a cruise ship?

We are traveling the world to drive through very different areas, taxes, beautiful cities and foreign countries. Also, I talk a lot with staff and guests. This makes my job so varied. An office job, I can’t imagine.

What are the biggest differences to a container ship?

On container ships, and is often very long distances, without a port. And of course, the guests are missing.

What makes a captain of a cruise ship at all?

the report of the week

“Aida Nova”

amusement Park with gas: the first visit to Aidas cruise-Revolution

By Till Bartels

to Navigate, – and-drop, all in the Team on the bridge. The consists of two sailors, the captain, his Deputy, helmsman and lookout. A traffic controller who advises us. On the open sea, the Autopilot takes over, the bridge team monitored the devices. I have previously studied the weather forecast and the Route is determined.

What is the hierarchy on a cruise ship?

The captain is traditionally at the top. Him under the Schiffsrat, consisting of four leaders. We work very collegial. But in the end I make the decisions and carry the responsibility.

How your bets are clocked?

We are three months on Board and then have two to three months in the country. At this time we do training.

you can Find during the mission time for the country gears?

Yes, this space I create for me, at least for a few hours.

How to prepare yourself and the Crew to emergencies?

We have a Drill and training plan, such as for Fire or man overboard. The Exercises are embedded in the everyday work and take on average three quarters of an hour. In case of emergency, we will use clearly defined maneuvers. But emergencies are, fortunately, very rare.

How international is your Crew?

Stiftung Warentest

bone jobs on cruise ships: “wages of between 3 and 5 dollars are not uncommon”

By Till Bartels

On Board some 600 people from 23 countries, the care for up to 2400 guests work. Our kitchen is in Indian Hand, in the Housekeeping Filipinos and Indonesians to work. We are a bit like the United Nations in a confined space, which makes a lot of fun.

What’s in it for the Crew in dealing with the passengers taboo?

Affairs. Although Aida wants to Service a nice contact with the guests, but not to nice.

Where do you spend your holidays?

to Me it draws more up into the mountains for Hiking or Climbing. On a cruise ship I could not Yes, this space I create for me, at least for a few hours.

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