Game, fun and wild animals – these are Germany’s best amusement parks


Suddenly, Robert, slender and 17 years old, a Meatball around the age of 40. Instead of the T-Shirt he wears a floral shirt, his new face is reminiscent of Fred flintstone. The twelve people around him have changed. From women to men and Vice versa. A is wearing a colorful Turban on the head.

Robert and the other guests in the Europa-Park Rust to stand in front of a unreal hell of a ride. You are wearing Virtual Reality goggles, the avatars you make. “Please go”, says the man with the Turban, and all rise in a floating Cyberzug, which is in truth a roller coaster. At the wheel: an Alien with schlaksigem trunk. Chasing the passenger through a computer-generated world called Alpha. Except for the wind, and the nothing is real. “This is crazy, how the real and the artificial world are in sync,” says Robert at the end.

More than 10,000 visitors were asked about leisure parks in Germany

“Eurosat Coastiality” the Ride is. He is one of the many innovations with which the German fleet operators to start in the season 2019. Every year you have to ask yourself: how can the guests to attract? The star, together with the opinion research Institute YouGov carried out a large survey of more than 10,000 visitors have made of 15,000 judgments. Out of a ranking of the best German leisure parks has come.


Virtual Reality: driving business through the digitalization of a new Kick

©Henning Ross

on a Per-plant had to be answered 19 questions plus sub-points. “That was really work,” says market research expert Werner Müller-Schirmer from YouGov, “as was often invested a half hour or more.” During evaluation, the greatest weight is on the back recommendation. Significantly more than 50 percent is a peak value, of the branded companies dream of. Here, with 66% a leader: the Europe-Park theme Park in Rust. He is one of eight other Five-star Parks (see table below). But there are even more winners in the individual categories. The best Shows, the respondents experienced in the film Park Babelsberg. The hottest Action in the Phantasialand Brühl. The most delicious food you enjoyed in the auto city of Wolfsburg. And the most for the money there was in Kernie’s family Park in Kalkar. If you book here online, what experts recommend because in General, offers only the Web offers, get the package ticket which includes Snacks for 24,95 Euro.

The best list of amusement parks in Germany

Below you can find the Top 15 of the German leisure parks – the complete Overview with nearly 50 Parks, as well as all of the Details and results of the star test you can download here. The report is continued under the table.

ParkOrtInternetErlebnispark tripsdrill cleebronn, Baden-Württembergwww.tripsdrill.deEuropa-ParkRust, Baden-Württembergwww.Europe Park.deHeide Park resort Soltau, Niedersachsenwww.heide-park.dePhantasialandBrühl, NRWwww.phantasialand.dePlaymobil Funpark Zirndorf, Bayernwww.playmobil-funpark.deSaurierpark kleinwelka in Bautzen, Sachsenwww.”dinosaur Park”.deSerengeti-Park testicles Hagen, Niedersachsenwww.serengeti-park.deSonnenlandparkLichtenau, Sachsenwww.sun country Park.deWeltvogelparkWalsrode, Niedersachsenwww.the world bird Park.deAutostadt Wolfsburg, Wolfsburg, city.deBavaria film city of Munich, a film city.deErlebnispark castle Thurn heroldsbach, Bayernwww.schloss-thurn.deFilmpark Babelsberg, Potsdam, Brandenburgwww.filmpark-babelsberg.defreizeit land Geiselwind Geiselwind, Bayernwww.recreational land.Bavaria leisure Park lochmühle, wehrheim, The star visited the Europa-Park, the Serengeti Park and the Irrland

Each Park has its very special character. The star has visited the Europe Park there are two more much-praised systems, the completely different ideas: the Serengeti-Park Hodenhagen and the Irrland on the lower Rhine.

In the Europa-Park philosophizes Roland Mack, 69, Grand Seigneur of the owner family, in Jeans and a sweater over the entertainment industry: “The guests are becoming more demanding. Without a Top-top-top offers nothing more.” Old roller coasters like the “Eurosat Coastiality” with VR-glasses pimp, he finds the ideal: “Many of the children between 12 and 18 years of age are very crazy about the VR-glasses. And grandma and grandpa, the want to see the reactions of their grandchildren.” He seems to have the right instinct: 2018 5.6 million visitors – a German record.

the Park is a giant: More than 100 attractions, including 13 roller coasters, a fairy forest, 3-DAND 4-D cinemas, boat and tourist train. And every day: 23 hours show with 300 artists, including ice capades and rider show. In addition, Food and retail stores, hotels, and tipi tents for the night. What sucks: The Park is now marketed through the pain barrier. The Silver Star roller coaster is sponsored by Mercedes, to name the “Blue Fire” of Gazprom, the Paschal decorated gardens of Lindt, the football-car, scooter, Adidas – just to name a few examples.

“So what I have built Large” star of comparison, such As the amusement parks were rated?

a Partner in the investigation, the renowned survey Institute YouGov, which specializes in Online Panels. First of all, a list of more than 60 high-REC has been researched parks. From the 5. February to 26. March have evaluated more than 10 000 members of the YouGov Panels, each of up to two leisure parks that you have visited in the past two years. The detailed questionnaire consisted of 19 categories. In the standings, the 47 Parks that were evaluated at least 100 visitors came. In addition to evaluating recreational parks themselves were asked about their offer, 33 took part – to recognize Icons in the table under the above link.

The Business of the Macks running so well that you can grab for innovation deeper into the bag. One and a half kilometres from the Park, on a 45 hectare Site, they are building for 180 million euros, a colossal water Park to be opened in autumn: Rulantica. 25 attractions, from the wave pool on giant slides to water-pipe to lure up to 10,000 visitors a day. Admission: 40 Euro.

Still Rulantica is a construction site. Craftsmen are buzzing around. Some make the Foyer in the factory optic. Steel girders and red brick with white streaks to trim the space on the industrial age. Mack’s supervisor, Thomas Renner-Boh shows the spaces in which soon 3800 lockers are: “All Nordic, mystical, rough.” The hall with the wave pool – 800 square meters of water surface and many other pool is vast as a Cathedral. The roof hovering above 90 metres. Renner-Boh don’t look up: “So Big, I’ve geba also ut.”

opposite Mack makes his sixth themed hotel high-pull: the Krønasår. Style: Nordic Museum of natural history. In the Restaurant, a real Viking boat hangs from the ceiling. There are 304 rooms, of which 28 are suites. The bunk beds for the children to see, such as suitcases, in shelves of ancient books special orders are available in leather-look – everything. Outside workers in forms of webs and a large artificial Fjord with the pier. The Krønasår to on 24. May be opened – “we have already sold 60,000 beds,” said Mack Proudly.

In the Serengeti-Park life 1500 exotic animals

theme parks have economic. 2018, approximately 39.4 million visitors, ten million more than in 2008. And a larger share remains for several days. A short holiday in the big, noisy revelry plants is attractive, but expensive: Three days in August in a Europa-Park Hotel includes admission for a family of four can cost more than 1000 Euro. At the Hotel Ling Bao at Phantasialand, the standard price is 650 Euro for two nights.

It is also contemplative. Mila, 5, has a birthday today and a visit to the Serengeti-Park Hodenhagen desired. You may come in vain, your admission is included in the 79 Euro Ticket the parents. The family enjoys traveling out of the resin in the lüneburg Heath, where, on 220 acres between juniper and Erika, approximately 1500 exotic animals. Visitors can use the enclosure with a Safari vehicle or your own car to roam. Eye-to-eye with Rhino and White Tiger, with 65 percent of guests recommend this family-friendly adventure.

The VIP Jeep drives into the enclosure, “East Africa”. Mila, pink flowers in her hair, staring at excited two giraffes that come as if in slow motion. Your hands clasp carrot pieces that has passed the Ranger, the controls of the car, in a blue bucket. Suddenly, Giraffe, Polly lowers her head and sticks out its long blue tongue. With raised shoulders, Mila flash it quickly puts the carrots. Drool running over her Hand. It curls the nose: “giraffes are my favorite animals.”


In the Serengeti-Park testicles Hagen, visitors to the big animals very close

©Henning Ross

In the 16 enclosures for the animals to run around freely – to the extent that they can be mutually or dangerous for humans. In “East Africa” you will encounter goats in addition to giraffes, wildebeest, and Water. In “North America,” bison and elk. In “southern Africa” ostriches, antelopes, and white rhinoceros. In “Russia” Yaks and leopards. And in the “Elfenbeintal” elephant and Watusi pigs.

Seemingly satisfied, the lion in “Africa goofing off” in the sun and watch the people-filled vehicles that pass through their territory. Not far away is a Ranger considered in his Jeep to the scene. As long as the lion’s blink, everything is okay. It becomes dangerous when you stop. In the case of the big cats, visitors need to keep the window closed. But to be unpredictable, says the owner Fabrizio Sepe, 49: “already people are out in their enthusiasm to get a lens from the trunk.”

From the mistakes of the beginning of time

learned, But there is still time, in the smelly car to drive bearing had wild animals? “Clearly,” says Sepe, promo host the fourth operation, “you can come without a guilty Conscience.” On the Desk the books of the zoologist and wildlife filmmaker Bernhard Grzimek, has accompanied the beginning of the 70s the construction of the Park. Since 2004, the facility is allowed unlimited as a Zoo and Conservation certified. Arguably it is not yet: animal protection organizations such as Peta criticize Zoohaltung, and breeding in General – and thus also the Serengeti Park.

Sepe, a native Italian who does not conceal that earlier, things went wrong: “All of them were inexperienced.” Lion broke out, and ran to the nearby village. Wildebeest, which were caught wild, stormed out of the barn and slammed against walls and fences, many of which have died. Elephants and rhinos attacked the 65 land Rover at the end only three cars remained healing. Today, the animals from other Zoos or private breeding. 48 veterinary nurses, four veterinary surgeons, as well as curators and biologists take care of you. “See what the 750,000 visitors here,” says Sepe, “is a miracle.”


The Serengeti-Park is impressive by its sheer size: The wildlife experience extends to 2.2 million square metres – equivalent to 300 football fields. In addition to Safari trips driving lure of the shops and show feedings. Children like Mila (above) come very close to the animals

©Henning Ross

Nevertheless, he has to invest again and again, so that young people come. In the Youtube age you can get after all, any wild animal with a swipe of your finger on the screen. Therefore, the Serengeti-Park is not possible without fair Department. This year, the Safari-flash was opened, an Indoor roller coaster. There is a Ferris wheel, speed boats, car, scooter, Quad tours, as well as dinosaurs and mammoths in life-size. You can spend the night in the Safari Lodges with about 800 beds.


animal rights activists criticize the Zoohaltung. The Park does not insure that the animals suffer. As a straightforward lemurs

©Henning Ross And who wants to help as a carer, may – thanks to an App: With the mobile phone the animals by their sound to attract, and then with “fodder cannon” to feed or with salt stones and rotating brushes to pamper. This works via Webcams, even from home. “Without a Smartphone, nothing more is running today,” says Sepe.

multi-media? This is the future? Need the stronger digital drug for your leisure happiness?

In Irrland not be moved to the visitors, you move yourself

In Irrland in Kevelaer on the lower Rhine, it’s different. Quite analogous. “Europe’s largest farm-adventure oasis” (self-promotion) is a Dorado for Active. The visitors will not be moved, they move themselves. You are climbing on sand, mud, mountains and hunt on the butt silver Slide down – where sometimes water flows. You can swim in the Corn, hair follicles in the straw, lost in the bamboo maze. You have to race with Bobby Cars, or build from 40,000 in box great LEGO houses and castles. Anyone interested can caress the bet milking cows, countless animals, or ring-tailed lemur-lemur silly. Recently, there are Italian-Roman attractions such as the “Circus Maximus”, a rock-climbing landscape.

star-comparison are the best amusement parks in Germany Fullscreen

tripsdrill adventure Park

Germany’s oldest amusement Park celebrates this year its 90. Birthday. The range of the Park near Cleebronn in Baden-Württemberg range from roller coaster up to the wild Paradise with 50 different animal species.


©Silas stone Picture-Alliance

family Grzibek has climbed on this spring afternoon, one of the giant cushions, which lie in the mountains like the oversized Rubber. You are trampolines without corners and edges – ideal for small children. “Come on” , calls out mother, Miriam, and takes her four-year-old son Luke by the Hand. Her husband, Christopher pushes daughter Nila. She is 14 months old and squeals in pleasure as you bounce up to the blue sky.

About five times in the year, the Grzibeks from your home to Moers travel to the 30-acre Irrland. Three quarters of an hour does it take to travel. “It is always worth it, even if it is full,” says Miriam Grzibek. “There is nowhere for a long time.” Christopher says: “children up to two-digit age have a lot of fun. And the parents also, because you have to barely take care of you.” Many sit on benches under the trees and read. In the star survey, 54 percent, continue to recommend the Park.


The Irrland stands for the group of smaller Parks with a good price-performance ratio and a price quote for smaller children. For families like the Grzibeks from Moers adventure farm is interesting as the attractions, with the technical record values

©Henning Ross

Wi-Fi there is nowhere. “Very aware,” says Josi angle-Tebartzvan Elst, 55, the managing Director. The trained physiotherapist will also no clocks in the Park. Kids are great until the sun goes down: “it’s Nice to see how happy you will be when you are physically active.” Also, there is no Nagging souvenir shops – “in the evening, not the beautiful mood shifts”. The prices at the seven kiosks are very civil: a Euro, Cola, French fries. Admission: 7,50 Euro, 25 Euro is the cost of a season pass. The price-to-performance ratio for more than half of the respondents consider crucial, is the Irrland in the top field.

no one has guessed that it is so far

“no one has guessed that it will come this far,” says Josi angle. The farmer’s daughter saw a life in the pigsty in front of you, as you farmer John Tebartz van Elst married, by the way, is a brother of the former Limburg Bishop, with the expensive bathtub. “Eventually, I had to castrate of tired of Pork,” she says. A trip to the island of Fehmarn, the family visited the parents of four children you have – for the first time in a corn maze. Son, Christopher, 25, told the Park manages. “We were sitting at the dinner table, as my parents had the crazy idea: we will do That. We then zerschnipselt our own corn field, people are terrified here.” The visitors loved it. The family began to design their own attractions, and weld together, and bought the former bird Park, Plantaria. Today, around one Million visitors per year.

In the Europa-Park is Robert again, Robert, and no Avatar. He made the VR-glasses and now wants to D to the 4-to-cinema. In the evening he has to drive with his friends to the Rhineland, where he lives. But he already knows now: “I’ll be back.”



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