The Indian-pleased River lagoon is an island group in the vicinity of Florida, which, because of their naturalness for many tourists, very popular. More than 4300 plants and animal species – including dolphins and pelicans. Paddlers like to go to the Islands, to nod, to pick or to fish.

But there is a big Problem on the so-called Spoil Islands: human feces. Because the natural state is that there are no toilets. Who needs to do his business, does this in the wild and endangering the environment with their unique biodiversity.

Spoil Islands in Florida: Big Problem with human faeces

The Department of environmental protection in Florida was forced to make a dramatic appeal: visitors to The island will please leave their feces there. “We have, on the Spoil Islands a large Problem with human faeces,” said Emily Dark by the environmental protection Agency to the Portal “TCPalm”. Normally such a Problem would be gross, would to solve, but with time, because the feces will be composted. Due to the special nature of the earth on the Spoil Islands that does not happen. Especially bad it is, if it rain, says Dark: “Then everything is swept into the lagoon.”

but It’s not just the human waste that polluted the beautiful in nature and compounded by the normal garbage problem, the the Spoil Islands, like many other tourist destinations. “Cigarette butts, food packaging, beverage bottles, plastic, fishing lines”, not Emily Dark: “This garbage makes it only soil on the island, but can also be dangerous for the animals.”

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This week, the Indian River Lagoon Aquatic Preserves proudly helped Martin County to install their human waste bag dispenser on their recreation spoil islands, MC1 and MC3. #fdep #irlap #Indian river lagoon #leavenotrace #lnt #Martin County #wagbag #spoilislands

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to remedy this, a relatively simple solution: You take his garbage back to the industrially produced as the by the human body excreted. The environmental protection authority recommends that the visitors to the island, special bags to bring, similar in function to a litter box and the smell neutralize. Then many tourists will hopefully have for a long time, something of the wonderful nature on the Spoil Islands.

sources: “TCPalm” / “USA Today”



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