Fasting in the school: Hesse’s Minister of justice calls for punishment of the parents


    Hesse justice Minister Eva Kühne-Hörmann (CDU) wants to prohibit by law that parents require their school-age children to fasting. “Who brings small children to fast in the period of Ramadan, exerts a health threatening effect on these children,” she said of the “image”-newspaper. “By parents or others force children to fast should be allowed by law and under criminal law, be sanctioned.”

    parents with up to three years in prison

    time of fasting

    For Muslims to be punished of Ramadan


    according to The report, begins had complained to several teachers, that the fasting of the Muslim students affect the classroom. The newspaper said Kühne-Hörmann, then, that the protection of the child’s welfare is safeguarded in many Places in the criminal code, in such cases, however, not enough attack. She led the paragraph 171 of the criminal code, according to the parents, in breach of their duty of care, with up to three years imprisonment or a monetary penalty. Because the protection was not enough “to protect children and young people fully in their undisturbed development and free development of their personality”.

    reason for fasting is the month of Ramadan, which started on Monday for devout Muslims. In Germany in this period is estimated five million people are called to abstinence. From sunrise to sunset to the religious rules to not to eat or drink. This year Ramadan falls in a time in which many students have to take exams.

    Unfocused, tired, and hungry, Ramadan in Germany

    Salih, 29, automotive industry

    Why do I fast and what are the sayings of colleagues hurt me

    That fasting is not conducive for Learning, can also confirm a teacher from Hamburg: “One of my tutoring students is writing his exams this week, eat and drink nothing all day and then at night at half past three of the clock, to eat. Learning or concentration is conducive to this is not.” She stresses, however, that many of the children are fasting voluntarily. And anyway – in school they are often unfocused, tired and hungry. The need to change something, you can: “Either the students and families themselves need to change anything, or such tests have to depending on the of Ramadan.”

    the Minister wants the clause to expand

    Bold-Hörmanns proposal now is to extend the paragraph. “Parents who educate their children in a religiously fundamentalist way, will have to answer in court,” said the CDU politician. Against the strict fasting of the children of the school had also, as early as last week, Federal Minister for family Affairs Franziska Giffey (SPD).

    source : AFP / DPA / the image



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