Exclusive for women: these are the best Spa Hotels with a Lady-Spa


“beauty is always associated with intimacy. Not all women feel comfortable, if you feel the glances of foreign men on your body,” says Christian Werner, the editor of the Wellness hotel guide “Relax Guide”. Even if women are considered to be the primary target group of the Wellness hotel industry, only a few houses have adapted to their needs and offer exclusive Ladies Spa, where the ladies can stay.

These oases are under the Motto “men have to stay outside” and provide rest areas for tea corners with high-level magazines and larger therapy rooms, where mother and daughter or Friends can be pampered. Gently relax in the soft sauna, the less heat comes to the female Constitution, as well as in the steam bath, which will heat only up to 45° C, humidity of up to 100 percent, what a delicate skin is doing well.

The best ten out of 1300 Wellness-Hotels

the Glass hut in Sweden

Sleep on nature and solitude

By Till Bartels

The testers and Tester of the year in October, appearing “Relax Guide” have more than examined 1300 Hotels with Spa areas and see in which houses there are exclusive areas for women only. The points of evaluation and award of lilies range refers to the overall result, including the kitchen and Service of a hotel, the placement and the size and equipment of the Ladies.

On the following pages of the photo gallery we present only the best houses with a Ladys Spa, where the maximum of four lilies for a Peak award.

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