Ex-priest who has Sex with 14-Year-old, is allowed to continue to teach at school


    Joseph D. has short, silver-grey hair and wears glasses with thick, black border. The 59-Year-old, who works as a teacher at a middle school in the American Connecticut was, until 1989, still a Catholic priest. To him, the Bishop dismissed from his office, after D. had about takes two years, a 14-Year-old miss. The girl had a summer job in the rectory of St. Augustine. She was fired, as it was in 1989 by Joseph D. pregnant.

    16 years, his victims a mother

    was D. lost his Job and his priests would. However, apart from the dismissal of the criminal clergy, nothing happened. In the 80s the Church was still more difficult for offenders from within its own ranks, even for the world courts to surrender. The girl had a Latin American Background, in the USA had no family that could help. Thus, Joseph D. was left without a criminal record, without any entry in any Register, would make him as a sex offender recognizable. And so he found after the dismissal from the priesthood to be back on the Job. As a teacher in a primary school.

    Berlin justice scandal

    pedophile worked for three years as an educator – primary school knew of nothing

    for Many years, he was able to lead a peaceful life. He married a Doctor, had two children with her. Since 1996, he works as a teacher at a middle school in New Jersey. Until 2002, no one knew of the girl he had left at the time pregnant and underage and tried since then as a Single mother to make ends meet. But then the Newspapers covered the case and reported about it. The school, at the of 59-aligned Year-old, and shocked. D., was suspended for three weeks by the service. But there was have no legal power to dismiss the man, he was allowed to return, and now teaches. On the part of the act was time-barred, the fact a long time ago.

    The school couldn’t fire him

    After 16 years in which D. behaved, apparently, blameless, made the accusation a student for sedition. A 12-Year-old he is said to have “a strange voice said,” he wanted to see her “beautiful green eyes”. The girl had reported to his mother about it later and said that it had felt in that Moment very uncomfortable. The mother was outraged in the “New York Post”: “there is no escaping it: The guy had years of Sex with a Minor. And we are talking here of a middle school. The students are as old as his victim. I mean, if someone is an alcoholic, he should not also work in a Bar.”

    D. has spoken now to the affair of 1988, and called the abuse “a two-sided relationship that did not work”. Otherwise, it looks to be the victim for several years for a club, the women and girls in Need of help. “I was given a long self-blame at all. I thought, I should have known better, I would have been old enough to know better. But I was a Teenager. I was young and naive.” She was still “angry”.

    the protection of victims Association wants to change the laws

    Angry parents, whose children sit daily spaces under Joseph’s supervision in class. However, it looks like your Protest would change nothing. “The school Board could not find that the Accused had shown a lewd and immoral conduct, while he was employed in the public service”, ruled by the appointed expert Walt de Treux, almost. Both parents and the school administration were extremely disappointed. The victim protection organization, SNAP called on the politicians of New Jersey, of the conflict: “We ask the managers from education and politics a matter of urgency, to consider Changes to authorities, processes, and laws, so that such dangerous decisions can no longer be met in the future.”

    sources: “Metro UK” / “Law & Crime” / “Heavy.com”



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