Every second Stewardess will operate the victims of sexual harassment – only pass


“Above the clouds freedom must be boundless” – this song Reinhard Mey sang in the 70s. But the chorus of the song has a downside, as a representative survey of the Independent flight attendants organization (UFO).

In the responses to a survey, 52 percent of women and 44 percent of men claimed to have been once during the performance of their duties aboard an aircraft being harassed. For comparison: In the public service, the rate for women, at 26 percent, with the men at six per cent.

“Clear alarm signals”

The “misunderstood freedom” only goes to a quarter at the expense of the passengers, to have the faith with your Ticket and a free pass for suggestive spells and tricks in the Po cabin crew acquired. Because in more than two-thirds of the cases, the Assaults from superiors or colleagues.

“are The results for UFO clear alarm signals that cannot be ignored,” reads a message. “If almost half of those Affected indicate that supervisors are for the sexual harassment responsible, should be talked about in addition to protection of victims, also perpetrators of prevention.”

The Union had, according to its own information of 19. December to the 19th century. March on its Website, the participation in the anonymous survey offered. To a went the a total of 20 questions, answers of more than 1100 people.

abuse of in aircraft

Sexual Assault in the aircraft when passengers are to be perpetrators

By Till Bartels

another result of the survey, the fear of professional consequences or personal disadvantages, if the Affected report the incidents. Only 16 per cent have turned to an Assault on supervisors, the HR representative or the police. Not all airlines have a “point of contact for victims of sexual harassment”. Only 61.5 percent were able to answer Yes.

demands of the trade Union UFO

The trade Union of cabin crew takes the results of the survey to the occasion, in addition to the protection of victims, to speak to the issue of perpetrator prevention. UFO calls, therefore, that this issue is one operating in each basic training course for all employees in the flight. “As regular courses for all employees must be mandatory.”

in addition, any Airline should be advertising free of sexist tendencies. For too long airlines have advertised with pictures of their stewardesses, Singapore Airlines with their Slogan “Singapore Girl, you’re a great way to fly”. Today is neither timely nor politically correct. However, the Airline of the city-state has already searched in August last year, a new advertising Agency, which revised the brand identity is fundamental.


Heike Birlenbach

Lufthansa-Manager: “The delays and waiting times were sometimes unbearable,”

A survey of U.S. flight attendants ‘ Union, AFA came to similar results as in Germany. Afterwards, 69 percent of the stewardesses or Stewards in your professional life, sexual harassment is a must-have. In the case of the North American Airlines, the Embassy arrived at the very top. “Sexual harassment and harassment have absolutely no place in our workplace, on Board our flights, or at any other place,” said Brad Tilden, CEO of Alaska Airlines.

The workplace cabin may no longer be a place to look Away. “All the Fears, all the Worries”, sings Reinhard Mey more to the freedom above the clouds, “remained hidden underneath and then what would appear to us great and important suddenly void and small.”

source : www.ufo-online.aero

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Sexual Assault in the aircraft when passengers are to be perpetrators


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