At 20:45 having to Bournemouth and Watford have been set in motion on Wednesday evening.

this will not, however. The fight has been postponed for 15 minutes because a fire alarm has gone of on Vitality Stage.

Bournemouth write only on Twitter, that there has been an ‘incident’, while media such as Sky Sports and the BBC believe to know that there is a fire alarm for reasons unknown is gone in time.

the Article continues under the tweetet.

‘After firefighters worked with an event at the østtribunen on the Vitality Stage, Bournemouth-Watford now start at 20:00 (English time, red.)’, write to the club.

It is very much in keeping with the images that flourish from the Vitality Stage, where the firefighters are moving around in the stadium.

the Severity is apparently not bigger, than that the fight seems to be played with a quarter’s delay.

Bournemouth is currently number 12 in the Premier League, while Watford’s number nine.

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