Dutch tourist Association has no desire for tourists


21 million tourists – almost 900,000 inhabitants of Amsterdam have to hold the 2018 a lot. But now the low countries, enough of them seem to have of vacationers and travelers from all over the world. In a paper of the Dutch tourism Federation NBTC, the Association shows an unusual perspective for the year 2030: The tourism Association wants fewer tourists.

“Some cities and regions are very well visited cities such as Amsterdam or areas, such as Giethoorn, a small village with lots of windmills, and peasants – and there are many Chinese tourists who are very interested in this village,” said an NBTC spokesperson according to the English newspaper “The Guardian”.

“More tourists are not always better”

“so Far, the government and the tourism industry have promoted the Netherlands as a tourist destination to attract more visitors,” it says in the paper “perspective 2030 – destination the Netherlands”. “We can now determine that more is not always better, and not anywhere.”

Crane Hotel Faralda

to apply to Sleep in 40 meters of height: the crane of Amsterdam’s coolest Hotel

By Till Bartels

Instead of the destination of the Netherlands, would now be the stream of visitors directed. The residents want to benefit from the tourists economically and in their quality of life restricted. Also, anyone who travels in the Netherlands, wants to NBTC. “We will work to attract tourists to the Netherlands as a future location destination. These visitors are causing any Trouble.”

the first step to Amsterdam has already made in March: The city prohibits guided tours of the world-famous red-light district. The neighborhood is too crowded of tourists, founded the city of the ban. In the oldest part of the Dutch capital, the so-called red light district are, sitting there for centuries, prostitutes in red-lit Windows and offer their services. Due to the large number of tourists, the narrow streets, especially at night and on the weekends to be crowded.

Amsterdam prohibits guided tours in the red light district

The total ban to 1 from the. January 2020 apply. Since 1. April says guides 19 PM. Guided tours along the window of the Sex-work would be respectful, said the Deputy mayor Udo Kock. “It is not more time, Sex-to treat workers as a tourist attraction.”

residents of the neighborhood and business owners had complained about the harassment. More than 80 percent of the employees of Sex businesses had spoken in a survey conducted by the city of negative consequences. Each week around 1000 groups will be guided through the quarter. Not only that will change when the tourism Association to implement its plans for 2030.

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