Deutsche Bahn denied for the vending machines


The Deutsche Bahn is considering according to a report of the “Stuttgarter Zeitung”, the vending machine sale of tickets for long-distance transport until 2023. Tickets for the regional traffic should not be affected.

This is the sheet that is made of a 200-page strategy document entitled “Agenda for a better railway,” railway boss, Richard Lutz.

the Background for the Plan were economic considerations: fewer and fewer customers to buy their tickets at the vending machines, while continue cost for maintenance of the over 7000 devices were incurred. 70 percent of the ICE and Intercity trips, sold tickets were already digital Tickets. The Railways expect that the percentage continues to rise.

Deutsche Bahn wants to App and website sales to expand

In return for the elimination of ticket sales at the ATM, the digital distribution channels like the App and the Portal to be developed further, the newspaper writes. Also, some of the approximately 400 travel centers of the company are to be expanded.

The car is not confirmed for the ticket machines, but denied the existence of the strategy paper. There is, however, “neither resolutions nor concrete plans at DB, the sales of long-distance transport tickets at the vending machines until 2023 to give up”, the company said in a statement. However, the track to adjust its distribution range to the changing customer behavior. They will also allow in the future the ticket purchase “on all of the requested channels of distribution “. However, forecasts of the DB showed that the percentage of vending machines purchases will go back for long-distance transport tickets in the next five years to a low single-digit value.


Deutsche Bahn in crisis

the “Per track” criticized Scheuer: “Verbally very much has happened since. In Real terms it is but a little less”

By Daniel Wüstenberg

the honorary Chairman of The passenger Association “Pro Bahn” Karl-Peter Naumann, called on the railway to simplify the ticket sales on the phone and in the train, no longer should pay to the vending machine sales. Also people who use neither a Computer nor a Smartphone, should be able to book in the future, easily and without expensive extra cost a train ticket.

the railway Should implement the Plan in fact, it must also find solutions for situations, in which Smartphone owners no ticket can buy, for example, because no signal is present or the battery is empty. Also, privacy issues may arise: Anonymous trains would be hardly possible.

The Deutsche Bahn is currently facing enormous challenges: Increasing Delays, growing debts and increasing customer dissatisfaction have long called the policy on the Plan. The Management should be presented in the coming year, a new concept that wants to the quality in the long-distance transport increase. Also possible is a radical restructuring of the group. In order to achieve the targeted numbers of passengers, billions of investments in the partially ailing and overburdened rail network, as well as in new vehicles necessary. The railway needs to increase your revenue or your expenditures lower, in both the case – the elimination of the ticket machines can be one of many building blocks.

Only last week, the company surprised many customers with the notice, to take the Schönes-Wochenende-Ticket in the coming year from the program. With him the price of a weekend day, any number of trips in the regional transport for the package is possible (read here in the star, the background to the abolition of the offer).

source: “Stuttgarter Zeitung”, a German railway

note: The article was added after the initial publication of the opinion of the Deutsche Bahn.



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