Curiously, ester Fund of the year: man smuggles snake living in his pants


As the main customs office Potsdam reported, wanted to travel, a 43-year-old man on Christmas day with the plane from Berlin Schönefeld airport to Israel. However, on the way through security in a very Strange occurred to the security people something: In his pants the man was something that did not belong for sure. The competent security personnel, therefore, he called the Federal police and customs officers as reinforcement. In a separate area, the man was asked to reveal the mysterious contents of his pants.

the airport Berlin-Schönefeld: a man hiding a Boa in his pants

From the waistband of his pants he pulled out a small cloth bag that contained a living Boa. Since the traveler could not place any relevant documents for the snake, has seized the 40-centimeter-long animal of the officials of the main customs office Potsdam. The man is expected due to the attempted snake smuggling, a penalty procedure. The main customs office Potsdam, said in a press release themselves from the “most curious find of the year”. The types of protected snake was taken to a reptile sanctuary in Brandenburg.

hh / AFP


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