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The Horror-messages are piling up: “twelve-year-old uses cell phone on a cruise – invoice for 12,000 euros,” says a headline from the June 2018 was. The Boy was only on Board of a ferry of the shipping company Color Line on the way from Kiel to Oslo on the road and had seen some of the Videos on his Smartphone. After the holidays the father got the bill from Telenor Maritime presents: For 470 megabytes of data 12,000 euros were calculated.

Exorbitant mobile phone costs

leisure travel photos using a Smartphone at the cost of 1500 Euro

What was sent to happen? The mobile phone of the boy had dialed in on the road, in a satellite network. Thus, the extremely high Roaming fees were due. Because the Board neither the EU-Roaming-regulation-booked travel packages of mobile companies apply, should you strictly activate the flight mode. In addition, the global separation of the connection cost is not working from 59,50 euros to the sea in the rule.

more Expensive fun on Board

The latest issue of the magazine “financial test” (issue 1/2019) lists the costs for mobile radio in the three major network operators on Board of cruise ships (outgoing: 1.34 to 6.70 euros per Minute), as well as the prices for 1 Megabyte of data volume (19,80 € to 25€).

a bit cheaper to Call, Chat, and Surf as the above-mentioned satellite Links the packages to the shipping companies through the ship’s Wi-Fi network. So, for example, passengers of Aida Cruises, MSC and Tui Cruises, special only for Social Media applications usable Rates offered. A detailed list is available in a free PDF table here.

cruise Guide Awards, 2019: the dream ships of the year Fullscreen

gastronomy: “Europe 2”

Because of the culinary variety, of outstanding quality and the perfect staging of the Restaurants of the “Europe 2” are used as a Benchmark in the industry. The seven Esstempel , the Jury, are as a total package on the world’s oceans to beat still. Therefore, the flagship of Hapag-Lloyd Cruises, was again winner of the category.

©Hapag-Lloyd Cruises

in addition, the “financial test”-editors give some tips to avoid falling as a passenger, not in the cost of the expensive Internet in the case of connection to Board a cruise ship. The Stopping of the automatic dial-up Network. Because the strongest power is also usually the most expensive. But in ports, you can check on “manual network choice”, with which provider you are going into the net. “With a little luck you can use in Europe, free EU Roaming,” says the consumer magazine.

Funny comments

brawl at the Buffet, Fäkalgeruch in the cabin, So guests complain about cruise ships

By Till Bartels

When reading received E-Mails, you should also Download attachments and pictures do without, as well as the automatic Update of the Apps on the Smartphone or Tablet.

for More recommendations and how you can complain in case of high level of mobile phone bills, insurance rates, and travel law for Crusader read for a fee in the theme package cruise of the “financial test”.

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