Bruins wants mandatory digital exchange of patient data


    Minister Brown wants to in the care data about patients always be digitally exchanged. He wrote to the Second Room that now due to lack of electronic exchange of data avoidable mistakes can be made.

    Also, people should, according to him, again and again to tell their story, health care providers often use the same input data and studies are unnecessarily repeated. If that is improved, hold doctors and hospitals more time for the patient, expected Bruins.

    The minister wants a full digitisation patients have all of their data digitally can view and manage. According to him, the past few years has shown that digital exchange is not always obvious to happen and certainly not soon enough.

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    Minister Brown : information about patients required digital of the lack

    The minister acknowledge that it is a “challenge”, because all the involved professions have their own language and because there are also shortcomings in the technique. But the Bruins now wants off of the lack. He is involved in a priority list. Later he comes with a bill in which a liability is settled.

    Digital exchange is in politics because of the privacy years, is already a sensitive subject. Earlier this week was the First Room to be very critical of a bill of Bruins on combating fraud in the health care sector. According to the senate would have insurers through which law to easily get access to patient records.

    And, in 2011, beached introduction of a National Electronic Patient record in the First Room. No group in the senate supported when the plan for the nationwide linking of patient information.

    Earlier this year, the NOS the results of their own research into issues related to digitization and ict in the healthcare sector. It was found that these problems regularly, a hazard for patients. In addition, they provide extra workload on staff that already is struggling with a very high working pressure.


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