Bitcoin vs. Altcoins: What Coin is for retailers at the ‘usable ‘ most’


    Volatile or not, there is a growing public demand for retailers and businesses that accept payments in crypto-currency. According to a survey published in June by the British crypto credit CreditCoin, want to have 75 percent of American consumers the ability to use crypto-currencies to pay for items that you buy in shops. Unfortunately, the share of shops that offer this Option seems to have a not-yet-three-quarters achieved.

    The number of merchants that accept Bitcoin (BTC) and other Coins, however, is increasing steadily, and according to Coinmap, the number of registered shops that accept Bitcoin, in a single year to 3.716 increased. It is the interest of the company to accept crypto currency as a means of payment, even if the eye-catching highs and Lows of the crypto market have reinforced the popular impression that such use is currently 100 percent optimally, continued to exist.

    For dealers who are still undecided whether you want to get started in the world of crypto-payments, remains open a question: Which Coin is the most useful and most practical as a means of payment? Well, Bitcoin has an advantage, as is the fact that significantly more people have the original crypto-currency than any other. However, many Altcoins, especially Bitcoin, Cash, Dash, and Litecoin already faster and cheaper than Bitcoin as a payment method, and while the value of their older rivals might be missing, offering you currently have a more seamlessly retail experience.

    This means that companies are less likely to make either/or decisions when you decide whether or not crypto will be accepted as payment. This is because a number of companies, the crypto-offering payment portals that enable merchants to accept a variety of different currencies, while most of the major currencies regularly take measures to improve your transaction speed and cost-efficiency. Consequently, retailers of the future will find that you want to the fact that people hold different currencies for different purposes (and pay for it), can make better use of what makes the Situation a Win-Win-Situation for more than a single Coin .

    Bitcoin: popularity and (relatively) stable value

    One of the easiest and most important requirements that need to be made to a crypto currency, before any business is accepted it is that it is supported by a large number of people. If this condition is not met, then a trader would limit his market, he accepts him instead of a more popular rival. For this reason, we must not forget that as crypto-currencies and Blockchains for a Moment to work – is Bitcoin still the best currency, which can accept a single dealer.

    There are now 27.6 million Bitcoin Wallet addresses, while there are actually 40,7 mill ion Ethereum addresses. However, before concluding that it gives owners more Ethereum-owner as Bitcoin, it should be noted that a significant proportion of these addresses, Smart-Contracts, and no Wallets are – and that the Ethereum-a Blockchain 599 ERC-20-contains the Tokens that are included in its address number. And although there is no specific data, divide this number into the contract and the Wallet addresses, there are data on the number of addresses that were in the last 24 hours, and it shows that Bitcoin has more active Wallets than any other Coin:

    Apart from the use of estimates and calculations, there is other evidence that Bitcoin is the ultimate winner in the crypto-popularity. In March, the consumer-site published a survey which showed that 5.15 percent of Americans owned Bitcoin, compared with Ethereum 1.8 percent, and Bitcoin Cash 0.9 percent. In a similar way, a poll of gamers, which was carried out by the Swiss Gaming company found out that Bitcoin was the most popular crypto-currency. 83 percent bought Bitcoin, compared to 75 per cent, the Ethereum bought. And, finally, 60 percent of Americans have heard of Bitcoin, with only 46 percent and 41 percent of Ethereum and Litecoin have heard.

    all This suggests that the Bitcoin for every trader who wants to ensure that it opens its doors to as many potential customers as possible, the right way would be – that is, if you could accept payment in one crypto-currency. And, in the view of those who pursue the acceptance of Cryptocurrency by the dealer, it seems that most of the customers and traders are in spite of the recent increase in the use of Altcoins is still on the market.

    Devan Calabrez, the co-founder of the crypto-trade-search engine Spendabit, currently the retailer invites you to participate in a new survey on the accepted Coins, told Cointelegraph:

    “BTC, the dominant is far from the end of crypto-currency for transactions. This is likely due to the maturity of BTC, its ‘brand recognition’ and the Momentum of Bitcoin.”

    Calabrez explained that a large part of the appeal of Bitcoin is to gain new markets:

    “retailers are always looking for ways to achieve more sales. Some traders are interested in to the “crypto currency wave” from a marketing point of view, and they accept crypto-currency, in order to make more transactions. For them it is a marketing experiment with a minimum of Overhead, in addition to the attenuated risk of a chargeback acceptance add.”

    And apart from the “brand recognition” and the Momentum has crystallized Bitcoin due to the recent turmoil in the crypto market as one of the resistant coins out, and this also contributes to its usability from the perspective of the dealer. It can still be volatile in comparison to, for example, the US Dollar, but it has during the recent bear market has much more value than its rivals. For example, you may fell up to 14. August to 2.7 percent of 5.368,47 euros to 5.223,21 Euro. In contrast, Ethereum, Ripple, Bitcoin, Cash and EOS have fallen to 38.5 percent, 39.5 percent, 29 percent and 36.5 percent. This is a big difference, and although many traditional Economists would argue, however, accept any type of crypto-currency as a means of payment, it is clear that Bitcoin is the best value to get its value.

    admittedly, the fact that Bitcoin has maintained its value and in the future, closely related with is can deliver it is also a blow to its usability, although not so much from the perspective of the dealer. As Bitcoin is potentially, perhaps even bullish – rise could be the owner of of BTC held, for example, to buy a Pizza, as most of you know by now that the current BTC Equivalent of a Pizza might be in a year’s worth so much more.

    “Bitcoin is not to spend until it becomes a unit of account,” said MATH_BOT-founder Nate Agapi at the beginning of August on Twitter, while another Twitter user, this Anti-spending-described Ethos, with the following words:

    Despite the reluctance of some owners to divest their Bitcoin, will be issued BTC is still more liberal than any other crypto currency. Last December, reported BitPay that it had processed the BTC payments to the value of over 860 million euros, while it handles currently, every 10 seconds a Bitcoin transaction. In the first half of the year 2018 were carried out in the first half of 2018 transactions in the amount of 509 million euros – or 40 percent more than in the same period of the previous year, BitPays PR representative Jan Jahosky. And to put this in perspective, said Jahosky to Cointelegraph that, although the company started at the beginning of this year, with the processing of Bitcoin payments in cash, Bitcoin continues to be dominant remains:

    “Bitcoin is Cash, which began BitPay to accept at the beginning of this year, less than 10 percent of the BitPay-volume. Bitcoin remains the most popular and about 90 percent.”

    Altcoins can compare fees to lower transaction and confirmation times

    Apart from the disadvantage that a part of his owner to stop, you actually spend Bitcoin with certain Altcoins in terms of how it actually is in practice to the purchase of Goods and services to be used. Devan Calabrez recognizes:

    “Bitcoin is definitely a useful means of payment, especially for products with higher prices and cross-border. On the other hand, only few people use Bitcoin to buy cheap items such as paper plates, and with good reason. Weaknesses include a high level of volatility, transaction times and fees to be paid by the buyers and the conversion barriers. The weaknesses tend to dampen the sale of Bitcoin for cheap article.”

    BTC currencies in General, the highest transaction fees of the most important Crypto. BitInfoCharts to its current average transaction fee of EUR 0.62. This may appear relatively low, compared with the peak of 57 euros in December, but as the list below shows, it is still well below its main competitors:

    These are values of the average current, but if you look at the six – month and year charts, it is obvious that Bitcoin in times of heavy Congestion also increases more than its nearest competitor. 20. In June, the average daily fee rose to 5,904 euros, an increase of 132,6 per cent compared to the previous day. On the other hand, the six-month amounted to clear all-time highs of Bitcoin Cash and Dash only 0,18698 Euro or 1,07708 Euro, with these all-time highs, both on 20. February fell, as the bitcoin average fee was 2,62119 Euro (it rose four days later, to 5,350 euros). In the meantime, the six-month peak of Litecoin fraud 0,35845 Euro (on 26. February), although Ethereum Scam 4,76330 Euro (at the 2. July, when it was exposed to, most likely, a Spam attack).

    Bitcoin might be popular, but …

    Bitcoin might be popular, and it may be a good store of Value, but it is clearly not the cheapest way to purchase Goods. Although the transaction fees have fallen since the introduction of the SegWit Upgrades in February, successively, can increase the occasional increase in congestion charges of up to a few dollars – something that can make the shopping a considerable difference will be less expensive than the fee. In fact, Devan Calabrez told Cointelegraph that the “non-trivial transaction would have caused fees” of BTC is a certain Frustration with the company. Some were complaints, because their customers, the article that you want to buy would have to pay for the transaction fees of the same amount.

    “As someone who has accepted Bitcoin since 2011,” said an unnamed, Spendabit a registered dealer, “it is very sad for me to see that the application dried up. In the future there could be with the Lightning Network […] hope now I recommend that you use BCH.”

    The Problem of the BTC fees is exacerbated by the longer confirmation times, and the average confirmation time on 23. January has notoriously reached a peak value of 11,453 minutes – so seven days, 22 hours and 53 minutes. As for the charges it’s much better now, thanks to the SegWit Upgrades, since the average confirmation time for the week between August 1 and 8. August only 14.7 minutes a Scam. However, it still has a lot to do – not least because the average is supposed to only be 10 minutes. For example, the average block time was for Ethereum in this week, only 14.5 seconds (according to ether scan), while the current average values for Dash, Litecoin and Dogecoin 2.37, 2.43 and 1.02 minutes.

    There are, however, not only the slow confirmation times, which may limit the usability of Bitcoin, but the block size is 1 MB, and the average number of transactions that can be processed per second. This number remains technologically limited, the current limit of seven transactions per second – although the Upgrade of SegWit increased technically four times. Conversely, Ethereum can handle a theoretical Maximum of 30 transactions per second, while Bitcoin cash’s block means the size limitation of 32 MB, 32 times as many Transanctions such as Bitcoin can cope – i.e., approximately 224 per second. Although Litecoin is not quite as fast, it is still four times faster than Bitcoin (SegWit will forget), since its block confirmation time is a quarter of the Bitcoins. In a similar way, the theoretical Limit of Dash was at the Start four times that of Bitcoins (i.e. 28 per second), although it changed in December, its block size from 1 MB to 2 MB and, thus, the number of transactions per second doubled.

    Bitcoin cash

    Simply put, Bitcoin can’t cope with in its current state – a high throughput of transactions, as well as its main competitors. In particular, it is not achieved currently by far the most speed, the Bitcoin Cash offers, beating his nearest rival – Dash – a maximum of 168 transactions per second. In addition, Bitcoin Cash in the least transaction fees, which means that it is the most useful crypto-currency from a point of view and is mainly focused on cost and speed. For this reason, the coin has gained many converts in the crypto-Community, since you on 1. August 2017 of Bitcoin.

    “Bitcoin Cash is what I worked on in 2010,” said the former Bitcoin developer Gavin Andresen in a February Tweet, “a store of value and medium of exchange”.

    Devan Calabrez agrees that Bitcoin to Cash has a reason to be used as an Alternative to Bitcoin and other currencies is recommended, in particular with regard to the purchase of cheaper products. “BCH seems to develop as a compliment to Bitcoin,” he explains. “Dealers appreciate the faster transaction times and low fees for buyer attractive. This applies in particular to traders, the lower ticket items to sell, in which even small charges on the income sum to a significant fraction can increase part. In this respect, two of the three weaknesses can be under the present conditions, as overcome. The volatility, however, is still a big Problem, which is why most of the traders convert to another currency, instead of BCH.”

    the Dash

    And while Bitcoin Cash may appear to some as the best viable Option, has informed Cointelegraph, one of the largest competitors in terms of cost-effectiveness, – Dash -, that it exercises in the case of retailers, considerable attraction.

    “The Dash-network has been specifically developed for the application of payments,” said Dash Core-CEO Ryan Taylor. “It provides instant payments, which makes it at the Point of Sale. In addition, the fees are very low, with an average transaction fee of about a tenth of a Cent. This combination makes Dash for everyday purchases. We also focus on making the network through the financing of business integrations. Today, Dash is one of the most widely accepted digital currencies. Merchant adoption is growing fast. The number of offers on – a Website for dealers to register has increased in the past six months to 250 percent, and Dash is now accepted in over 2,200 dealers worldwide. “

    Taylor is realistic compared to Dash’s and crypto’s potential to become a ubiquitous payment method, in the Belief that this process “will take many years”. Nevertheless, circumstances show in some of the economic pressure on the Nations that the speed and ease of currencies, such as the Dash make them ideal as a new payment vectors.

    “I think that we can be as a first step in certain countries or regions or in specific sectors omnipresent. This could happen very quickly, and we see this already in certain places. Venezuela, which is experiencing Hyperinflation, has about 800 dealer [according to Reports, more than all the other Kryptos together], which makes it the highest density of Dash acceptance in the world. I would expect that such bags develop as the Basis from which we can expand.”

    decentralisation and selection

    speed and costs are important factors when considering what Cryptocurrencies are accepted as a dealer, but you can count on in cases where price fluctuations will reduce the value of the payment received, very little. Therefore, there is no clear answer to the question of what crypto currency is the undisputed master of this is ease of use for retailers, as it is in Bitcoin a lot lately is better able to preserve its value as most of the Altcoins. I would add that Bitcoin is as fast or scalable as some of its competitors, but it is more decentralized than many of them on a number of levels, and with greater decentralisation, greater security of its network.

    For example, there are reports that Bitcoin Cash is much more centralized than Bitcoin. For a block size of 32 MB and could lead to a stronger centralization of Mining nodes in the future, since the ability to process 32-MB blocks requires the kind of computing power that only the largest mining companies. And secondly, there are reports that Bitcoin Cash is already fairly centralized, even if most of the nodes still use the full 32MB of bandwidth. Jameson Lopp, revealed in December, data indicating that 54 percent of the Bitcoin Cash-nodes running on Hangzhou Alibaba virtual servers in China, compared to 2 percent of the Bitcoin nodes.

    such A (relative) centralisation leads to a Blockchain is exposed to a higher risk of default, since they could theoretically be used by a government authority is disabled, moves to a small handful of servers or nodes. Of course, this is not what would want a company or a retailer of a crypto-currency, you have just accepted as payment, although the Bitcoin is not decentralized as Bitcoin Cash, when it comes to the Server, carries with it the dominance of Bitmain own problems when it comes to Mining. And in terms of Block-Share it is not as decentralised as Bitcoin, Cash, or Dash, because the Top four Bitcoin Cash and Dash-producing mines 55.1 per cent and 41 per cent of the blocks, compared with 57.5 percent for Bitcoin – it is currently 69,75% for Ethereum, 68 percent for Litecoin.

    Before we debate about it, however, go in an endless – and often subjective – what crypto is decentralized currency is, at the most, one should not forget that traders and companies need to not only choose a single Coin, if you crypto as a payment centerl accept. Increasingly platforms are available that allow merchants to accept one of the many crypto currencies and to provide its customers a selection of different Coins, with which you can pay – what allows you effectively to rely at different times on the strength of each currency.

    For example, Coinbase Commerce was launched in February of this year, and, as the company said in a blog post, it makes the Accept numerous Coins for businesses and Online retailers. “Coinbase Commerce can be integrated directly into the Checkout Flow of a merchant or as a payment option on an E-Commerce platform will be added”, – stated in the announcement of the launch. “With only one E-Mail address, and a phone can register with traders and payments in Bitcoin, Bitcoin, Cash, Ethereum and Litecoin accept.” Since its introduction, it has been integrated in a number of E-Commerce platforms like Shopify and WooCommerce, making it possible to accept crypto payments at millions of retailers, since WooCommerce runs around 22 percent of the online shops in the Internet.

    And there are other platforms that enable the adoption of several crypto-currencies, including BitPay and CoinGate. CoinGate, for example, is a Lithuania-based platform that allows businesses to accept payments in Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dash, and over 50 other Altcoins. In March of this year, the company announced a new partnership with the France-based E-Commerce platform PrestaShop, with over 80,000 dealers in the EU can be achieved. As it says in its press release, are the Cryptocurrencies that it offers, “in a single payment environment, which is the largest number of owners of crypto currencies”, and therefore removes the possibility for traders to eliminate the rush, a wrong choice between the numerous Coins, each with its own advantages and night.

    to choose When such platforms to spread and reproduce, it will obviously be less need for retailers, between the availability of competing crypto-currencies. And, strangely enough, is the beauty of such platforms to crypto-currencies than to make means of payment available, and your extension is going to make crypto even more useful. Not only is their increasing use will stabilize your values – making them less volatile, but the increasing pressure and the Tests provided by the real-world use, force development communities, innovation, bug fixes and scalability improvements, faster. The Situation will be for both traders as well as for customers, a Win-Win Situation, and in view of the fact that crypto-Payment platforms are increasingly offering a wide range of Coins, there will be a Situation that uses currencies to each other for all of Crypto, not only for the “most useful”.


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