An eleven-month-old Baby has died in the US state of Missouri after it had been left for 15 hours in an overheated car. As the police Calverton Park, a suburb of St. Louis, U.S. media reported according to reports, no longer breathed, the small Set in e. already, as a relative, she discovered last Sunday afternoon in the vehicle. The immediately hastily summoned rescue forces were not able to resuscitate the girl.

“It’s absolutely heartbreaking when a life is lost no matter what age, but if it is such a young child, it is the majority of people particularly close,” – quoted by “People”.com a police spokesman. “We are experiencing these stories again and again, especially if it is hot.”

parents came in the night with the Baby to go home

on The news page of “USA Today”, according to discovered Jose lines grandmother, her granddaughter, as she wanted to leave the car, I stood in the driveway of your house. In the afternoon it was about 26 degrees and in the Interior of a vehicle, it will still be significantly hotter, said the police spokesman. “Unfortunately, the child died due to the heat.”


grandpa forgets Baby at 30 degrees in the car – the child dies of heat stroke

A fire service spokesman told the US broadcaster KSDK, Set in have been in the car when her parents had come in the previous night between 0 and 1 at home. “You have two young parents. One asks the other to pick up the child, and the other asks a” quoted “People”.com a friend of the family. “Mistakes are made, you know. It is a nightmare, adding to the trauma are. You can’t stop crying.”

“Nobody would do that intentionally,” said a cousin of the family, the American station FOX 4. “When you smile, laugh, giggle had seen, you would think the same.”

The police has initiated in the case of death investigations. According to a statement by the spokesperson was, however, taken so far, nobody.

In the United States die, on average, every year 38 children, because they are left in hot cars, as USA Today reported, citing a Professor of meteorology at San Jose State University. In the past year it had been even 52 children – a tragic record.



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