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they flew in the 1930s by the United Kingdom to Bermuda, to New York, Egypt, South Africa, and with numerous stopovers to Australia: the iconic flying boats of the type Shorts S. 23 of the Imperial Airways.

a privilege for only a few was flying at that time in the British Empire with its colonies. On Board was served on the days of long flights, plenty of On the old menu cards of dishes such as goose liver, Russian salad, ham, oxtail and peach Melba for dessert.


15 million miles

miles-millionaire Fred Finn: “I flew 718 Times on the Concorde”

By Till Bartels

The British airline, Imperial Airways was formed in 1924, was later nationalized, and the British Overseas Airways Corporation. It is one of the predecessor companies of British Airways, as well as the Aircraft Transport and Travel Limited, the was founded in 1919. For this reason, today’s British Airways is celebrating this year its 100 anniversary.

10 million bottles of wine per year

With the beginning of the Jet age with the introduction of the De Havilland Comet in the 1950s and the 1960s, the Boeing 707, as well as forgotten today, Vickers VC10 with its four engines in the rear of the Intercontinental route network and the demand for Catering grew.

airline food in Economy Class

What is to be supplied to Airlines-to-serve

hundreds of passengers folding table act had to be on a flight in Economy Class on Board the new wide-bodied aircraft such as the Boeing 747 and the Lockheed Tristar in the 1970s, with food. And in addition to the always courted and pampered passengers in the First Class, the Business Class was Offered in the early 1980s, with private Food and Drink.

Today, British Airways provides daily 145.000 passengers and consumes less than 10 million bottles of wine, and 1.25 million bottles of champagne. The offer in Economy on short-haul flights, however, is the low-cost carriers adapted: to eat and Drink, only against payment. A “Mozzarella & Tomato Flat Bread” costs the equivalent of € 5.75 for a Cup of “Everyday Brew Tea” be required to 2.90 euros.

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Like airlines, with the eating competition in economy Class: What Airlines serve exclusivity works on the table coupled with Close 50 years Ago, the Concorde

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