Since the age of eleven, he flies in line service and is part of the daily picture on the largest airports of the world: the Airbus A380. Passengers love the largest passenger aircraft in the world, because it offers in all classes, more space.

More than 200 copies have been delivered from Airbus, with almost half of all aircraft in Emirates Airlines. But is not a hit with the A380. The production had to be throttled in the course of the last two years: From single to two machines per month to six per year from 2020.

a Total of only 13 airlines have so far taken the Airbus A380 into their fleets. Among the last were the only customers in 2014, Asiana Airlines, Qatar and Etihad Airways in years. Because a Japanese airline will receive in the coming spring the first of three ordered Super-Airbus, Airbus, a big reason to celebrate: in the context of the rollout of the first freshly-painted machine for a new A380 customer.

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So you will find all the flights with the Super-Airbus

By Till Bartels Only 14 A380 customers, in eleven years of production

14. Customer All Nippon Airways – in short, ANA is. The member of the aviation Alliance Star Alliance is Japan’s largest Airline and currently flies to long-haul routes exclusively with jet manufacturer Boeing. However, due to the financial turmoil of the Japanese low cost carrier Skymark, ANA had taken three of the past five A380 Orders. To come to the Delivery in March 2019 on the route between Tokyo and Hawaii.

For the special design of the huge trunk had advertised the Japanese a Design competition, the Chihiro Masuoka from Tokyo.

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passenger favorite and download the guardian: Ten years of Airbus A380

By Till Bartels

His design of the “Sea Turtle Family” goes back to the Hawaiian green sea turtle Honu. All three of the “Flying Honu” adorn the subject, but in different colors. 13. December, the blue copy of saw now for the first time, the light outside the hangar. The next two machines will be held in emerald green, and orange hues.

The paint job was a special challenge for the employees at the plant in Hamburg-Finkenwerder: Almost 1000 different templates and 16 different colors have been used.

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