According to the rail summit: the railway only empty promises?


Tuesday evening, had asked Andreas Scheuer, the Federal Minister for transport and digital infrastructure (BMVI), for “rail summit” in Berlin. Two hours of lectures and discussions about nothing Less than the “Wow-effect on the Rail-the new rail policy of the BMWI,” the Minister turned in the Erich-Klausener – Saal of the Ministry.

It was – once again – an event that has all shown that railway and Ministry of transport are in a profession: in the full-bodied Advertise measures. After all, a notification appears for welcome value, even if only in just two years: the compression of The headways on the route Hamburg-Berlin, the demand for most long-distance transport connections in Germany. As of December 2021, the ICE will run trains at half-hourly intervals. Already used the train between the two largest German cities every day, an average of 17,000 passengers.

Ailing rail network

800 sites at the same time: the train driver must trains with longer travel times

That expansion of the range can not be implemented earlier, expect is due to the fact that the railway “rolling stock” is missing, enough ICE. The ICE-4 fleet is expected to grow by 2025 to a total of 137 trains. However, the acceptance of the latest Generation of high-speed trains has stopped the train in the last month due to faulty welds for the time being.

At the rail summit Scheuer has called for, and train tickets for long-distance transport through a reduction in tax is cheaper. The proposal to reduce VAT on rail tickets from 19 to seven percent, originally came from the Green. However, the Minister was not entitled to the reduced rate of VAT of “only in view”, but had to enforce it, said Green party parliamentary leader Anton Hofreiter. If and when there will be a reduction, is still completely open.

punctuality statistics continue to be bad –

The Association of German travel management e. V. (VDR), the time met in Berlin, rejects, however, the claim: more Important than price criteria, such as punctuality and reliability are for the company. In both points it hapere at the track.

In a on the same day published a press statement, the railway praises under the Heading “long-distance trains in April on-time on-the-go”. Accordingly, the annual average value from January to April, with 78.3 per cent “, and thus stable about the target brand of 76.5 per cent for the full year 2019.” In other words: almost A quarter of the long-distance trains runs more than five minutes late. This is still a shockingly low level.

record payments of compensation

in the Meantime, more and more web customers to know their rights and are demanding for Cancellation or delay compensation. In the year 2018, the railway has paid a compensation sum of 53.6 million euros to 2.7 million passengers – of 900,000 more than the year before.

star talk

problems with German Railways

“a Lot of internal Railway for the outsiders madness!” The train grumbles about the web

By Jan Boris wintzen castle

However, it is still extremely cumbersome, and the rights of passengers to fill the form and Post it to send. An Online application or integrated into the Navigator App, the train still leaves.

At the event in Berlin, it was said that the coalition government wants to double the number of passengers by 2030. The since October 2018 active “future Alliance for Rail” requires significantly more investment in the ailing rail network. The funds from the current level of 1.6 billion euros would have to increase to 2 billion in the years of 2020 to 2023.

So many railway construction sites as never before

The long-overdue renovation of the rail network calls from train drivers a lot of patience. Currently so many sites that counts for the railroad like never before: “Up to 820 sites a day throughout the DB network is set up,” said the railway. In the coming months, many will be blocked travel routes, such as, for example, the section of the Hannover-Göttingen 11. June to 14. December.

train is delayed – money-back

Deutsche Bahn: The Connections are your rights as a train driver

By Till Bartels

in the long term, railway and Ministry of transport plan to the “Germany-clock,” a regular and reliable rail transport with a coordinated Transfer. On Tuesday evening, the participants celebrated the announcement of the half-hour clock on the Berlin-Hamburg route as a milestone to the implementation of the project “Germany-clock”. But in Germany, an integral clock timetable becomes reality, it will take many many years, and various “rail summit” was held.

In Switzerland, has been introduced in the clock-face timetable since 1982. And the demand has increased with the completion of the “infrastructure program “Bahn 2000” by 40 percent.

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