A Scotsman thinks her husband is a secret agent – he has six other wives and 13 children


    William Allen Jordan looks younger than he is. He has a narrow face, looks friendly and relaxed, wearing the dark Curls briefly. You can see the photo where he is sitting with his wife on the Sofa, the two small children on the lap, you think that he is probably someone who could never do harm to anyone. But the impression is deceptive.

    The woman beside him, his wife, Mary Turner Thomson. The blonde Scot with the joyful Laughter met William to know, as she was left alone with her small daughter, the Ex-boyfriend. The two were found online, met soon after, but in real life, and understood by them. “We started together, and they go out and he asked me after two weeks, if I wanted to marry him – I said no, but later we got engaged actually, and then were married for four years,” said Mary Turner Thomson of the Daily Mail.

    The US-American work for the CIA, he said

    William was American, loving, understanding, a good listener. The only Difficult part of this man seemed to be his profession: He told Mary that he was working for the CIA, on a regular basis in a secret Mission on the road and not to reach, therefore, often for several weeks at a stretch for you. But if he was there – then he was “affectionate, attentive and a wonderful father” – both for Mary’s child from a previous relationship, as well as for Eilidh and Zach, the two children, the Couple got soon together. Mary Turner Thomson the first of the two pregnancies came at least by the way quite surprising, because William had told her that he was due to mumps disease as a small Boy infertile. But, as it turned out, agreed with little of what is told her husband so.

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    for example, when the two were together for four years, and William and his wife reported in a panic that he is “someone met on an Undercover Mission, the wanted to kill our children, wool, kidnap, tear you to pieces and parts of them with the Post-wool send, if we were to give him no money”. 200.000 English pounds of the alleged Blackmailers wanted. Mary sold everything she had: her house, her car – and also your life insurance policy, you on solved. She had a terrible fear that their children could make something happen and was never in question that her husband told her the truth.

    £ 200,000 for the unscrupulous scammers

    But there was neither an extortioner, nor was there Undercover missions. The was Mary clear, as one day the phone rang. A woman answered, asked: “Are you Mrs Jordan?” When Mary confirmed, the woman said: “I am the other Mrs. Jordan.”

    The two women met in a Café. “We talked for twelve hours,” said Mary Turner Thomson. As they parted, finally, made Mary directly via SMS with your husband conclusion. Without A Declaration. Later she told him what she had learned of his second wife. Just listen to William all vehemently deny. He urged them to give the other woman has no Faith. It would prove that the allegations nothing was on it. But again he lied, the courts convicted him for bigamy and fraud. The evidence was clear and abundant, there was nothing to misunderstand or interpret. This was also William eventually clear. He had to spend three years in prison and was subsequently reported in the United States.

    I am sure William Allen Jordan, aka Guillaume Allen, Bill Jordan, Will Jordan, bill Jones, Gee All, Gui All,. Will Jordon has shacked up with his next unknowing victim already

    Posted by Mischele Lewis on Wednesday, 16. November 2016

    The procedure was for the two of Mrs. Jordan, by the way, a few other Surprises: in addition to his two women, the lanky William had at least five other Girlfriends-to – in England and in the United States – and with these women, a total of thirteen children. One of these Friends, the American Mischele Lewis, who is convinced that William is looking for his release from prison, again to unsuspecting women, he can cheat.

    Mary Turner Thomson has completed with this fatal relationship now, as well. To warn other women, she wrote a book about the years with William Allen Jordan: “The Bigamist: The True Story of a Husband’s Ultimate Betrayal”.

    sources: Daily Mail / the Burlington County Times



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