A man can’t take a wheelchair onto the plane and has to spend his holidays creeping


The 68-year-old Stearn Hodge wanted to 43 with his wife together on the occasion of the. Wedding day trips from Calgary, Canada to American Tulsa. There, you wanted to spend three weeks of vacation. However, already at the security check in, the anticipation ended.

Hodge was not allowed to take his electric wheelchair that he needed, since he accident lost in 1984 in a work-an Arm and a leg, in the plane, because the batteries are explosive, allegedly the flight safety. The Lithium battery of his wheelchair had to remain as a spare battery back at the airport. In the process, Hodge was concerned extra in advance all the necessary documents to allow the wheelchair to legally by plane travel. Because, of course, there are the worldwide for the air transport competent “International Air Transport Association” (IATA) permission for the needy, all the necessary drugs and equipment, including batteries, to be with in the aircraft.

“they took me to my

” But the inspectors obviously don’t care. Hodge said that none of the employees belonging to gave, as he presented the printed IATA-papers, the to him exactly what is allowed, what he was denied. “You took me, only my legs but also my Dignity,” said Hodge in an interview with the TV station CBC.

The canadian was left during the three weeks of the holidays nothing more than to spend the majority of the day in bed, because he can not move without a wheelchair really. To go to the toilet, he had to drag himself along the floor to the bathroom. “A wedding day is supposed to remind couples about how they fell in love once. He should let the romance to life. All this was denied me. I crawled across the floor to my wife. That was pathetic.”

wheelchair ban as an “inconvenience”?

Meanwhile, a lawyer does not represent him to negotiate the case only of civil law but also in front of the canadian human rights Commission. The airline United Airlines did not want to speak to the canadian media to the case, with reference to the ongoing negotiation, offered Hodge and his wife, but travel vouchers to the value of 800 U.S. dollars (about 715 Euro) and asked for any “inconvenience” to apologise for, as Hodge CBC told.

But the offer from United Airlines is making Hodge almost angry: “An inconvenience is it when it rains in a day. But this was an experience that changed my entire life.”

sources: KSNB / CBC



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