15 truths about Sex and love for pain liberated


    How does love? What matters in a good relationship? Who is actually “good in bed”? And what do women really want? Each person decides for themselves. Based on his individual experiences. No matter, whether painful or disillusioning, exhilarating or beautiful. I asked around in my environment and exciting wisdom is collected, to be worthy of being shared. Because they are different than anything we would otherwise from the Mainstream – i.e., advertising, Hollywood, magazines, Instagram – brainwashing moderately dished.

    1.) “If Breakfast has become more important than the Sex, then you should go.” (an Ex-Lover, 44)

    2.) “If you want to be friends with someone you have to sleep with him, so the sexual attraction is gone, and you won’t mind.”(a smarter buddy, 39)

    3.) “We developed a narcotic dependence on television. To have to endure the resource that helps a couple to each other without talking.” (Movie quote from “Bitter Moon”)

    4.) “If someone you’re Dating, you don’t want to get as quickly as possible to bed, something is wrong. Then he finds you really hot. Or has any, um, problems. Run!” (my neighbor, 35)

    Henriette Bright: Love from Hell Eiko Weishaupt

    Henrietta Bright was born in 1985 and works as a journalist/writer based in Hamburg and on-the-go on your travels around the globe. Her book “here I come! In 80 orgasms around the world” in 2015, appeared and was promptly a best-seller. In 2017, followed by “come First, then The Sexbibel for 21. Century”. Henriette likes to write, be honest and casual about Sex, because you will find that a lot of people do.

    5.) “In the’ 30s, is heard: do you Want kids or not? If you don’t want, you get any of the love, caring, loyalty, willing (bore)types. Men see you as no woman for life but for adventure. You’ll probably lead a long happy relationship. 40 the situation relaxed again. The children’s theme then for the majority of from the table and the first Divorced are flushed back to the market. Then the best time to begin.” (my girlfriend, Lucy, 54)

    6.) “If you really love him (and not just the Sex with him), then you want to see him and feel when you have your period. And he is also don’t give a shit.” (my girlfriend Kaja, 32)

    7.) “If he has not managed to pass at the seventh Time, still, to get you somehow to the

    orgasm, better make that conclusion.” (again, Kaja)

    8.) “The real Trick is that you need not try to make the other fall in love, but finds one anyway, also kind of attractive and you have to make it, then only that one is also still HORNY.” (again my mate)

    9.) “If you love two people at the same time, choose the Second. Because if you had the First truly loved, you wouldn’t have you in the Second falls in love.” (Johnny Depp)

    10.) “No one is women, more aggressive or condescending, as a man is not his manhood sure of it.” (Simone de Beauvoir, philosopher)

    11.) “We live in a society that messages women: By this age, you should be married; by this age, you should have children. That’s a fairy tale. That’s the mold we’re slowly trying to break out of. (…) Why do we want a happy ending? How about just a happy existence?” (Jennifer Aniston)

    12.) “The wife controls her Sex, because she gets to have Sex all of the, what is still more important than Sex.” (Esther Vilar, writer)

    13.) “If only the orgasms of a woman would lead to pregnancy, the world would be under populated.” (Amanda Marteleur, fläm. Publicist)

    14.) “Men need to have a big cock. That’s really all that matters.” (Lady Gaga, Popstar)

    15.) “I’ve always been looking for a man who has no inhibitions, to fart in my presence. I prefer that to the great, passionate love, because I prefer just a loose of time. These relationships are also much more intense, because you can be yourself and also your Partner can just be you.” (Jennifer Lawrence, the actress)

    Henriette Bright

    South Korea: Who breaks hearts, or alien, belongs in jail!

    The idea to impose fines and prison sentences, when people behave in love, anti-social or brutal, Henriette Light quite well. Here are a few suggestions for a criminal catalogue.


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