in the Meantime, it caught the frequent flyer of the Federal government, almost in a weekly rhythm. This time the engine wouldn’t start at the Start to Bulgaria. Reason was, according to the pilot that the auxiliary turbine APU in the tail delivered to a little compressed air to Start the engines. It had to be requested, therefore, an external air intake as a starting aid.


“Serious problems”, runway missed – crash landing of government aircraft rolled more dramatic than known


The Airbus A321, the flight readiness of the Bundeswehr, therefore, with a 70-minute delay to the Start. Foreign Minister Heiko Maas was on the way in the Bulgarian capital Sofi, where he wanted to meet after his arrival, the Bulgarian Prime Minister Boiko Borisov. For Maas, it was the third mishap of a government pilot within three months.

The Airbus A321 had the Federal government creates only in the past year used face. Up to the first breakdown, it took not half a year. Therefore, none of the four different for government flights provided for aircraft types is now more of a breakdown-free.

Near-crash of a Global 5000

Highly dramatic problems in a Global 5000 in mid-April. Bundeswehr-pilot had picked up the Jet from a maintenance Berlin-Schönefeld, then you lost shortly after the Start control of the plane and had to make an emergency landing. In the process, they missed almost the runway.

“I have great respect for the flying performance of air crew,” said defence Minister Ursula von der Leyen to the incident that occurred with a Global 5000 flight readiness of the Bundeswehr in Berlin-Schönefeld.

flight to Buenos Aires

Merkel’s seat neighbor in the Iberia-Airbus: So relaxed, the Chancellor flew to the G20-summit

By Till Bartels

What sounds like a compliment, it throws a bad light on the technical reliability of the government machinery. The affected machine was caught after an extensive Check shortly after the Start, in uncontrolled flight movements and in case of emergency landing with both wings on the ground, scarred. The twin-engine Jet, the canadian plane manufacturer, Bombardier, with space for 13 persons should be transported after that, actually, Federal President of Germany Frank-Walter Steinmeier, from Berlin to Stuttgart.

VIP flyer with quirks

again and again it comes to a breakdown of the government plane in the case of important state visits and summit meetings abroad (see photo above). To be a part of the on-Board electronics, or the four-Jet, a tire has failed. In particular, the two long-haul aircraft type Airbus A340-300 for Trouble: the “Konrad Adenauer” with the ID 16+01 and the “Theodor Heuss” with the ID 16+02.

After emergency landing

all the people, the Bundeswehr is buying a scrap-Airbus – and with good reason

By Till Bartels

In the case of these aircraft, with the years 1999 and 2000, it is discarded Linienjets of Lufthansa, which were converted at Lufthansa Technik in Hamburg-consuming for the Government aircraft. A total of 14 aircraft from the manufacturer, Airbus, and Bombardier belong to the flight’s readiness, according to the air force.

want to buy planes After the breakdown of Government, the Federal government’s three new machines, such as the Ministry of defence announced last week. The budget Committee of the Bundestag approved the purchase of three factory-new aircraft of the type Airbus A350-900 for the price of around 1.2 billion euros. The machines should still be this month ordered .

The first Long haul aircraft with VIP cabin could be 2020 ready to use. “If, in 2022, the other will be delivered two A350 is to replace the in-service A340-300 in a timely manner”, according to the Ministry of defense.

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